Eduka –Teaching Management

Automate, streamline and streamline your decisions with Eduka, the School Management System

Fast implementation and safe with the data.

Designed for primary, secondary and higher education. Totally web and composed of different portals, allowing a use by different entities - School, Teacher, Charge of Education and Student - for a better Management, Financial and Resources Management.

Simplify your processes

Decrease the burden of the entire administrative process.

Make enrollments, organize human resources, optimize infrastructures, provide information, publicize events, communicate from a distance, and reduce costs.


Optimize your teacher roles

Post grades and summaries, check schedules and student attendance, and submit personal requests to management.

Get students closer

Send messages and participate in forums, check schedules, classifications and internship locations and submit requests.


Involve Education Officers

It allows students to follow the course, contact teachers and administrative services, make payments, consult activities or present justifications.

An instant messaging tool, fast and effective

A more efficient private messaging system, which can be used as a chat, facilitates communication between all the players in the learning process.


Simplified access to performance reports

Quickly access the most important data to better inform your decisions and respond to real management needs. Determine, plan, analyze, prepare and confirm.

Make a management of your educational establishment!

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