A single framework, made for the user and not for the programmer

It is unique and vertical to all components, allowing to make all the changes by parameterization, and the distribution of changes is done by parameters and not by applications.

Prevents the intervention of programmers. Fast implementation of changes. Framework and Java applications, totally independent of any operating system.

Technological dimension

It is based on two sets of proven and universally accepted technologies:

  • The JAVA framework and applications, totally independent of any operating system;
  • Network communication technologies capable of supporting all internet protocols.

Financial dimension

It is a turn-key solution that guarantees the user complete independence for personalization.

Operational dimension

It allows virtually unlimited configuration and customization levels.



Guaranteed by the use of authentication and access control solutions based on security protocols used in internet communications.


To meet commercial, marketing or legal requirements, when you need to quickly make changes to your applications, something that only the high levels of autonomy and independence of our software allow.

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* In the products presented VAT is increase at legal tax

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