Our Systems area offers several services

We provide hosting services on the internet. This model enables versatility and convenience while preserving customer management and control. You can opt for a private, public or hybrid system, creating a unique and adjustable environment while maintaining control and security over your data.

What are the main advantages for your company?

  • Pay only for the resources you use;

  • Increase or decrease capacity as needed;

  • You have no software or hardware upgrade concerns, installations and maintenance, or space for servers and data centers;

  • Work from anywhere;

  • No matter what happens to your computers and other devices, your information will always be safe.

What kind of services:


Computer Services

Count on a trusted partner who gives you the best assistance.



We are responsible for the proper functioning of your company network.



We are at your service to look after your company's servers.



Have a fully qualified computer technician that matches your needs.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Ideal for small businesses or just to reduce costs. Often, acquiring licenses or equipment can result in high expenses. Especially if it is for punctual tasks.

Free yourself from the complexities of installation, maintenance, upgrade and other software headaches. We deliver the applications you need over the internet and all you need to do is ... use!

And with ease of customization you can tailor each application to your real needs rather than acquiring and paying for something with numerous functions you will never use. Have a system to suit you.

So, why not hire a service that offers the same, paying only the time you use? Save resources, save time, increase profitability. We make your work more effective and efficient.


Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

We offer hardware, software, storage and other structures, adjusted to the needs. They are great solutions for temporary tasks, experimental or that are subject to constant changes.

We are responsible for the maintenance and performance of support structures so that your only concern is the growth of your business. Pay only as you need the resources.

Virtualization of these features allows for easy scalability by upgrading or downgrading services without having to install or run applications on individual machines.

This is a system that eliminates the need to have internal hardware or software, saving resources and investing in other areas. Ideal for businesses that want to develop and test new software.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

We provide infrastructures for key services, such as hosting applications or developing programs.

Typically, to launch an IT tool involves buying and installing hardware, operating systems, database, servers, etc. and then working on the application itself. In addition, there is all the maintenance that should be done periodically. Cut those steps and just log in to get started. We'll take care of the rest!

This solution is especially useful for those who constantly need to make changes to operating systems or physical machines or to collaborative projects between entities that are dispersed.


Domain management

Already have a website but have not registered it yet? Talk to us and open your brand to the online world now!

If you do not have a website yet and you want to have it, please contact us. We have a complete service of programming, design and security!


Hosting of websites and / or applications

We host Web pages in Windows and Linux environments.

If you already have content, just upload them. If you do not have content, we make this service available.

Our services include security controls to prevent potential attacks or virus intrusions and protect your files.

Install any application and customize your website and webmail.

And if you have any questions, you have technical support.

Management and maintenance of infrastructures

We offer several types of services in the area of ​​implementation, planning and auditing of networks so that you have the most current technology park possible and always according to your specific needs.

Our technical support enables:

  • Agility in solving incidents;
  • Constant monitoring of your IT infrastructure;
  • Transparency between the partnership.

We provide a complete outsourcing solution, betting on the latest technologies, with qualified consultants. We are a practical and economic option.

Even if you already have your own IT resources, we support your team for specific needs or complement them with our cyber security services.

Consulting in Architecture, Integration, Computer Administration

We diagnose, design and implement the architecture always using the most current models and advise on the most appropriate security policy.

We design an innovative solution that is up to the most demanding standards, but always according to the business strategy, evaluating the different possibilities available to meet your specific needs.

A key element of your business will always be an efficient IT management infrastructure that, coupled with experienced professionals, will more easily reach your business objectives.

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