Computer Security

We deliver solutions for detecting, preventing and responding to computer threats, as well as selling and leasing software and hardware

We do not use models
We analyze or propose solutions adapted to each need, each company, each situation

We provide a variety of security services and solutions in information technology systems in the areas of software and infrastructure that help solve critical business issues for our customers.

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We advise on corporate security policy (passwords, creation and storage of back-ups, among others) to align technological strategies with the corporate vision.


Ethical Hacking

We analyze the security of the systems by performing tests through invasion techniques for the purpose of finding vulnerabilities, documenting them and providing answers as to their resolution.


We implement software to protect your network and your data, blocking malware and viruses that can destroy your entire system.


Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

We introduce systems composed of several security components, which centralizes all the information storage, allowing a quick analysis and identification of incidents.

Open Source Security Information Management (OSSIM)

We apply an open source tool, which provides a management and control infrastructure, aggregating the dispersed information and providing a global view, improving the ability to detect events.


Are you sure your business is secure?

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